Visible light lines

Lumco lamps are pure in shape and form and can also be used perfectly well as visible units providing direct lighting.They can be used in a fun way and create a pattern of lines throughout the area.

In addition to being good to look at, they are also particularly functional. The lamps trace continuous lines without shadows and follow the shape of the architecture. They also provide powerful direct, high-output lighting.

LT8-B8 and LT8-B5 lamps in particular are extremely well suited to be used as visible light lines. They give off a perfect light level and there is very little chance of being dazzled. Because they have a long service life and low maintenance costs, they are also ideal for installing in high spaces. The lamps are usually fitted on continuous profiles or reflectors so that ballasts, cabling and electrodes can be hidden neatly away. If required, the whole unit can be enclosed in polycarbonate to obtain a softer direct light.

Projects with this application

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Lille, France

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