Integrated Lighting

Lumco lamps are also particularly well suited for building into furniture. Their great flexibility of use (various shapes, lengths, diameters and power strengths) makes it possible to adjust the lamps ideally for their purpose, meaning that they can be integrated into furniture very beautifully and designed to suit (counter lighting, work surface lighting, cabinet lighting).

Because of their unique properties, Lumco lamps are also especially well suited for integrating into alcoves enclosed with a diffuser such as the lighting of stained glass windows, floor lighting, etc. In many of these applications, there is a great deal of effort required when replacing defective lights, so the long service life of Lumco lamps is certainly an added bonus in these cases.

Projects with this application


Lille, France

Private villa - Lint

Lint, Belgium


Paris, France

Living Tomorrow

Vilvoorde, Belgium

Mariott Hotel

Ghent, Belgium