Architectural Lamps

LT8 series - small electrodes


Turned-back electrodes 16mm


Right-angle electrodes 16mm

This LT8 series is equipped with the same electrodes used for LT5 lamps.
Thanks to these smaller electrodes with a diameter of 16 mm, these lamps can be easily integrated into fittings.


- continuous light lines
- perfect communication between lamps without shadows
- various lengths possible with preservation of luminous flux
- all possible architectural shapes
- space-saving lighting system
- can be integrated into fittings thanks to their smaller electrodes
- high light output
- low energy consumption
- (stepless) dimmable from 100 to 1%
- flicker-free start-up
- broad colour spectrum
- of particular interest for visible light lines because of the greater diameter
- little risk of dazzle

Application Areas

- lighting of intensively used areas (day and night)
- lighting at great heights and in difficult-to-reach places
- functional direct lighting by means of continuous visible light lines
- indirect atmospheric lighting of coving and walls