Architectural Lamps

LT8 series


Turned-back electrodes 26mm


Right-angle electrodes 26mm

Lumco LT8 lamps have a larger diameter of 26 millimetres and are characterised by a long average lifespan and limited maintenance costs. Just like the Lumco LT5-HE, these lamps deliver a particularly high light stream of more than 3000 lum/m. They radiate beautiful direct lines of light with less dazzle. For that reason, they are very suitable for the lighting of intensively used spaces and for lighting up large heights. The LT8-lamps work at mains voltage (230V) and are suitable for interior use. They are available with turned-back or right-angle electrodes.


- continuous light lines
- perfect communication between lamps without shadows
- all possible shapes and dimensions
- very long average lifespan
- limited maintenance cost
- little risk of dazzle
- (stepless) dimmable from 100 to 1%
- flicker-free start-up
- broad colour spectrum
- high light output
- of particular interest for visible light lines because of the greater diameter
- longer lengths (70w) are very cost effective (less lamps and ballasts needed)

Application Areas

- lighting of intensively used areas (day and night)
- lighting at great heights and in difficult-to-reach places
- functional direct lighting by means of continuous visible light lines
- indirect atmospheric lighting of coving and walls
- lighting of stained-glass windows
- lighting with diffuser
- ornamental lighting