Architectural Lamps

Lighting Control Systems

Lumco lamps can be fitted with the latest hi-tech lighting control systems. This creates a major benefit, because with light-controlled Lumco lamps, it is possible to provide light in the right amount, at the right time in the right place. By using systems with pre-programmed light levels and lighting scenes in conjunction with a touchscreen or remote control operation, Lumco lighting systems can be put to the best possible use in areas that have different lighting requirements. This means that the external look and atmosphere of a particular space can be adjusted exactly to the use being made of it.
In restaurants and hotels, although just as much in residential applications, it is often very important to create the right atmosphere by dimming the lighting more in one area than in another. In functional buildings, such as offices, universities, museums and so on, the lighting must also be able to contribute to creating the best possible environment for staff and visitors alike. Getting the balance right for lighting levels can help stimulate activity, increase productivity and mimic the effects of natural light.
Lumco lamps can also be used in conjunction with lighting control systems to illuminate buildings or create interactive light sculptures on façades with stunning results. Light-adjusted Lumco lamps also have a positive impact on the environment. Controlled dimming extends the service life of Lumco lamps, as well as reducing power consumption and maintenance costs.

The following control principles can be used to regulate the amount of light produced by Lumco lamps:

Phase control: Switch DIM
Analogue 1-10V direct voltage control
Control using IR remote control
Addressed digital control: DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface)

These lighting control systems apply to all low voltage Lumco lamps.