Architectural Lamps

Lumco fluorescent lamps

Long lifespan

During their production, Lumco lamps have a much longer pumping process than traditional fluorescent lamps, that's why they also have a much longer lifespan. Standard fluorescent lamps have a lamp life of 15,000 working hours, whereas Lumco lamps have a average life span of 35,000 hours. Lumco lamps also have a high lumen maintenance of >80%.

Total creative freedom - length and form to measure

Lumco fluorescent lamps are made to measure and can be folded or bent to any shape. They are the ideal continuous light source to illuminate any architectural cove or other complex configuration. They are also used as direct lighting to follow any architectural detail with light.

Continuous lines of light

Thanks to their turned-back electrodes, Lumco tubular lamps connect to the electrical circuit on their sides,
so the electrical connections are hidden behind the lamps. They are illuminated to the end and can be butted closely, end to end. They form an uninterrupted line of light without shadows.

Broad colour selection

Lumco lamps can be supplied in a wider range of colours than the traditional TL variant and they radiate the colours better. They have an excellent colour rendering index of more than 85. Thanks to the use of high-quality Philips triphosphor powders the Lumco range of white colours (from 2700K up to 6500K) is perfectly matched to those of standard fluorescent lamps. Especially in huge projects, where Lumco lamps will be combined with other illumination sources like traditional fluorescent tubes, this 100% conformity can provide a substantial advantage compared with for example cold cathode lamps.

High light output

Standard Lumco lamps offer average lumen outputs in the region of 3500 lumen per metre.

Standard dimmable electronic ballast - compatible with standard lighting control systems

Lumco lamps operate with standard dimmable electronic ballasts, to be controlled by either digital signal, analogue 1-10V signal, DALI signal, DMX signal... Lumco lamps are fully dimmable from 100 to 1% and remain stable in every shade.

Low Voltage

Lumco lamps for interior use run on mains voltage, 230V. There is a minimum energy loss at ignition, as strike voltage is only 30V. With Lumco lamps a maximum light output is obtained in function of the used power. Cold cathode lamps - often used for similar applications as our Lumco lamps - can not be run straight from the mains, but require specialist control gears. To strike cold cathode lamps, a Voltage of 300V is needed.

Low energy consumption

Lumco lamps offer very good energy efficiency compared with other lighting sources utilized for similar applications. Most of the energy consumed is converted to visible light and not to heat.
Lumco lighting systems have a overall luminous efficacy of up to 100 lumens per watt. The overall luminous efficacy is the ratio between the total luminous flux emitted by the system and the total amount of input power it consumes. With Lumco lamps a maximum light output is obtained in function of the used power.