Architectural Lamps

MT5 series


Turned-back electrodes


Right-angle electrodes

Lumco MT5 lamps work at mains voltage (230V/990V), fire alarm switch is not required. They have a diameter of 16 mm and are available with turned-back or right-angle electrodes.


- continuous light lines
- perfect communication between lamps without shadows
- all possible shapes and dimensions
- very long average life span: > 30,000 hours of use
- limited maintenance cost
- flicker-free start-up
- broad colour spectrum
- only 1 transformer needs to be used per lamp (regardless of the length)
- the transformer must be fitted in the vicinity of the lamps
- lamps work at mains voltage 230V/990V
- MT5 lamps produce a very high light output and can be produced in longer lengths: fewer lamps required, price per metre is less

Application Areas

- lighting of intensively used areas (day and night)
- lighting at great heights and in difficult-to-reach places
- lighting of balustrades and escalators