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Lumco: from lighting design to installation

With more than fifty years experience, Lumco is a fully integrated company with services that include its own design department, a unique glass-blowing unit and large-scale production facilities where we manufacture Lumco lamps. Whatever your project, Lumco and its staff provide a comprehensive range of services from A to Z:

Lighting design
Our highly experienced lighting engineers will always give you the right advice about your particular project. They will discuss the various possibilities with you and see which Lumco lamps meet your project requirements in full.

Detailed specifications and price quote
We produce a clear and detailed price quote. We can also provide a light and energy study. For larger projects, we can produce a simulation using 3D presentation techniques.

Site meetings and surveys
Once you have placed your order, our lighting engineers will attend site meetings to take final measurements on site. With export projects, we will work with contractors and installers who then pass on the data and information we need.

Your order in production
Once all of the data has been gathered, the production drawings are produced and the lamps ordered are manufactured. A detailed lighting plan showing the distribution of the lamps is then drawn up. Working with precision and craftsmanship using hi-tech machines, our staff manufactures all of the lamps ordered in our own Lumco workshops. Once production has been completed, all lamps are extensively tested and then expertly packed.

Professional installation
Working in consultation with the architect or project manager, a date is agreed for the delivery and if desired - installation of your order. If installation is being carried out by external contractors, the assembly drawings and technical plan are always provided. If there are any questions, they can always contact our lighting engineers to help you out.

Maintenance and repairs
All records are kept carefully so that any maintenance, repairs and inspections can be carried out without any problems. At Lumco, we keep a copy of the technical plan on file for every project featuring all of the lamps used and their unique code numbers, so that if there is a defect or problem, this number can be passed on and exactly the same lamp will be manufactured as a replacement.