About us


Lumco provides sustainable lighting solutions:

Lumco lamps are very energy-efficient in comparison with other sources of light used for the same type of application. With Lumco lamps, the majority of the energy used is converted into visible light and not into heat. Lumco lamps have a overall luminous efficacy of up to 100 lumens per watt and give you maximum light output for the amount of energy consumed. Lumco lamps also produce extra high average light outputs (> 4000 lumens/m). In order to achieve a particular level of light with these lamps, the number of lamps required can also be appreciably reduced, which again generates energy-savings. Lumco lamps can also be fitted with dimming systems so that maximum use can be made of natural light, which again cuts down on energy consumption.



At Lumco, we do everything we can to avoid waste by recycling defective (broken) lamps.
As an accredited Recupel collection point, all defective lamps are collected and recycled in an environmentally responsible way. After they are collected by Recupel, they go through a decontamination and dismantling process and any harmful constituents are processed separately. Both the glass and the mercury are recycled.
Only 100% recycled mercury is used in the production of Lumco lamps. We also use as much recycled glass as possible. By using recycled materials, we are contributing to using fewer natural resources. Recycling also gives us significant energy savings and helps restrict air pollution. And by recycling, we are also making a major contribution to limiting the waste mountain.




The sustainability of lighting solutions also involves having a low level of toxicity. Lumco lamps are produced from lead-free glass and contain the absolute minimum of mercury while still maintaining the same light output and length of service life. Lumco fluorescent lamps contain almost >80% less mercury than cold cathode lamps.







Lumco lamps have a very long service life, with an average of 45,000 operating hours. This means that the impact that our lamps have on the environment is also reduced as it takes often 5 times as long before the lamps need to be replaced.