Shades of white

Lumline luminaires can create different atmospheres, as they can be fitted with Lumco lamps in three different shades of white:

comfort white = very warm white (shade 827, 2700K)
With comfort white, an attractively soft atmosphere can be created. This colour is often used in private homes, hotels, restaurants etc., but is best avoided in areas when a high level of daylight may shine in, as the light given off becomes more yellow when combined with too much daylight.

warm white (shade 830, 3000K)
Warm white is a pleasant shade of white that can be used for many applications. Warm white is much used in offices, meeting rooms, corridors, etc. Warm white combined with daylight gives an interior a warm look without too many contrasts.

neutral white (shade 840, 4000K)
Neutral white is a soft, colder shade of white that can be used neutrally in spaces where a more pure and technical effect has to be created, such as laboratories, petrol stations and other technical areas. The colours of strongly coloured walls and ceilings are displayed perfectly by neutral white light.