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LUMCO UV-C unit: a unique device to disinfect spaces and surfaces

It has been known for some time that UV-C light kills viruses and bacteria in the air, disinfection with UV-C light is an existing and effective method to disinfect surfaces, water and air. This disinfection method can now play a very important role in the fight against Covid-19.

The development of UV-C lamps is a logical step for our Lumco lighting department, given the existing expertise in the production of therapeutic lamps and fluorescent lamps in general. Lumco has decades of experience in lighting technology and lamp production.

Our lamps are used in various niche markets; e.g in the food industry for UV recognition, and in the medical sector where our special fluorescent lamps have been used for years to treat the Crigler-Najjar syndrome.(a rare liver disease)

For the development of a new device with UV-C lamps, our managing Director Domien Loosveldt contacted industrial designer Marc De Jonghe of Orso Design, the brand new Lumco UV-C unit is the result of this collaboration. The device has a unique design and can be used safely in a wide variety of environments. Prototypes are being produced and will be operational soon.

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