Light meets architecture

Lumco is a unique encounter between lighting and architecture - an endless line of light that effortlessly searches every twist and turn to find the atmosphere of the moment.

These tubular lamps are made to measure and are readily adapted to any concept. Thanks to the latest technological developments, the tubes are seamlessly joined together so that it appears that the stream of light is uninterrupted. Lumco fluorescent lamps have a much longer lifespan than the classic variety and, with their low energy consumption, form a sustainable lighting solution.

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Thanks to their turned-back electrodes, Lumco tubular lamps are illuminated to the end and can be butted closely, end to end. They form an uninterrupted line of light without shadows.

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Lumcove luminaires

A plug-and-play installation system is the recommended solution for most projects. Therefore our Lumcove concept offers a perfect solution as it consists of pre-fitted modules which are ready to install.

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Lumco lamps are extremely well suited for indirect cove lighting, invisibly integrated into ceiling ledges or above a false ceiling, they provide additional soft atmospheric lighting.

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Lumco UV-C Units

Lumco is fully committed to the fight against coronavirus and has developed a UV-C unit for disinfection of spaces and surfaces. 

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